Thursday, 30 June 2016

Morning Star letter on Corbyn

The action of two backbenchers tabling a motion of no confidence in Corbyn`s leadership and trying "to pin the blame on him" for the referendum result, not to mention the even more recent attempted coup against him by members of his cabinet, is both despicable and misguided (Morning Star,25/06/16). Presumably they would have been happier with him if he had tried to out-Ukip the Brexiteers by sacrificing all principles and opposing the free movement of people from the EU? Perhaps he should have gone on the same platform as Cameron, forgetting the dreadful consequences of similar action taken by Ed Miliband during the Scottish referendum? Had the mainstream press given Corbyn half the coverage they gave to Johnson and Farage, his contribution to the EU debate would have been appreciated far more.
    At a time when the Tory party is imploding, could there be a worse time for Labour MPs to show their disloyalty? Don`t they think a Blairite-type Labour party has lost enough general elections already?


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