Monday, 27 June 2016

Referendum letter not printed in Guardian

As the first two of Polly Toynbee`s three column article consisted of listing the damage Tories` "relentless small-state austerity" inflicted on the country`s communities, thereby "tilling the ground" for the Brexit vote, it was rather disingenuous to lead with such a dramatic heading (Dismal, lifeless, spineless - Corbyn let us down again,25/06/16). Of course, the Labour leader should have been more forceful in countering the Brexiteers` nonsense, but there can be no doubt where the real blame lies.
    The arrogance of Cameron and Osborne has been apparent in their policies since 2010, treating ordinary people as mugs, and it led them in 2016 to think that they could continue their assault on the revenues of Labour councils and the rights of trade unions, even when it was clear non-Tory voters` support would be needed to defeat Brexit. Why should voters in the north-east, for example, have supported Tories` remain claims when they know, first hand, that the "northern powerhouse" policy is a figment of Osborne`s imagination?

    History teachers (like me!) should share some responsibility; the British are a mixed-race, Britain did not win the world wars on her own, she was not alone in 1940, there is no "special relationship" with the USA, and so on. Just as workers can only improve their conditions by collaboration, Britain`s success in the past, and hopes for the future, lay in partnership. What have we done?

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