Thursday, 21 July 2016

Dail Mirror letter re. May and Johnson

By appointing the likes of Johnson and Leadsom to her cabinet, May has put her own job security before the needs of the country (Voice of the Daily Mirror, 16/07/16). No surprise there, she is a Tory PM after all! She must know the Brexiters well enough to realise that not only do they have major limitations which will almost certainly make most of them incapable of being successful in their respective roles, they also have a tendency to speak before thinking.
      Leadsom`s remarks about male nannies will only be the first of many gaffes, whilst the first country to be offended by Johnson is anyone`s guess. Yes, of course it is an insult to all countries for Britain to be represented by this Bullingdon buffoon, but May clearly realises that his impending failure at the Foreign Office will remove her only rival for the top job. His popularity with the general public will soon decrease when he becomes responsible for countries turning their backs on Britain.


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