Thursday, 21 July 2016

Incomplete Guardian editorial

Whilst there is little about which to disagree in your editorial`s conclusion that Corbyn needs to show, in the coming leadership contest, that he can "rehabilitate the party as a force" for government, in some ways it was glaringly incomplete (The party needs a leader who can help it win power,18/07/16). If, as you allege, "all Labour MPs share the party members craving for a more equal society", should you not be urging them, as forcefully as possible, to demonstrate how they aim to achieve it? That would be "the stuff of normal debate", as opposed to their continued whinging and plotting. 
     So would reminding their constituents, and, of course, Corbyn`s detractors, of their leader`s fantastic political record over the years, so that a fair and measured view can be adopted. Indeed, perhaps details of Corbyn `s achievements would have been better placed in the Leader column, rather than the Letters` page (Letters, 18/07/16)? A prestigious international "award for lifelong dedication against injustice" seems to me a far more appropriate qualification for PM, particularly at this time of obscene inequality, than a career in the profit-obsessed City!

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