Monday, 4 July 2016

Letter on Brexit lies

Nick Cohen was right to emphasise the lies told by the Brexit team in their referendum campaign, which "followed the tactics of the sleazy columnist", but strangely, he ignored two vital elements of the Remain campaign, which also "misled so grievously" the voters (There are liars and then there`s Johnson and Gove, 26/06/16).
   Firstly, Cameron and co. could not explain in detail how much the EU was benefiting financially the UK because their government was simultaneously trying to convince the people that they were investing in the future, by supposedly funding such policies as the mythological "northern powerhouse". Revelations of the huge European grants would have exposed the government`s duplicity.  By worrying too much about future Tory election victories, their focus throughout the last few months has been to avoid losing their traditional support, which also explains the second factor; the economic benefits brought to the country by immigrants could not be stressed too much for fear of antagonising the anti-immigrant faction within the Tory ranks.

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