Friday, 9 February 2018

NS letter on European Research Group

Albeit only taking up one column in Peter Wilby`s First Thoughts, a semblance of much needed political balance was offered in last week`s edition (2nd February, 2018). Revealing some truths about the secretive and somewhat "sinister" European Research Group to counter the huge barrage of criticism showered on Momentum by the right-wing Mail and Murdoch press, was good to read. Despite being funded by thousands of pounds of taxpayers` money, via Tory MPs` expenses, this organisation, which Wilby rightly describes as a "party faction", refuses to disclose its membership for public scrutiny. Yet it`s the transparent Momentum which takes the media`s flak, with the so-called "non-partisan" BBC as guilty as the others; Sunday`s 8 o`clock news on Radio 4 was followed by a brief look at the papers, and the first four items were focused on anti-Momentum and Corbyn stories!
   Hopefully the NS will step up its efforts, both to give Corbyn`s Labour a fairer hearing, and to challenge the Tories on their lack of transparency. It`s not only the ERG which is being secretive. The taxpayers of this country deserve to know the tax details of the Mays, and of the entire Tory cabinet!

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