Thursday, 8 February 2018

"Slimeballism" - a Tory trait!

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn prime-ministerially described the President`s Club "grope-fest" as "an outrageous example of sexual harrassment under the guise of a charity event" (Morning Star, 24/01/18), I actually preferred (possibly the one and only time I will ever agree with her) the description by Tory MP, Margot James. Her criticism of the dinner as an evening for "slimeballs" was spot-on. What does surprise me, however, is why she doesn`t use the term more often, as it particularly well describes her fellow Tory MPs in the Commons.
The dictionary definition of a "slimeball" is a "repulsive or despicable person", very fitting for people who have deliberately aimed to hurt the less fortunate in society, as Tory austerity policies have done. Even worse when it is done whilst conning voters into believing the cuts were vital to reduce the country`s debt, but ignoring all opportunities to impose tax increases on the rich! Someone who sets out purposely to make life more difficult for disabled people is an absolute slimeball - no question. So is the person who votes against all rented homes being "fit for habitation", which is what 309 of them did two years ago. How you would describe the 72 of them who are actually landlords themselves is probably not printable!
      Then there are the ones who bray like constipated hyenas every time Corbyn stands up in parliament to defend the NHS, or attack the corporate behaviour of greedy CEOs running down pension funds whilst taking massive pay increases for themselves. Naturally such awful behaviour in the boardroom leads to similarly disgusting activities in their clubs.

     Is there not room in Labour`s next manifesto for a pledge to legislate, banning the existence of all male-only establishments, whether they be for golfers or gropers! It appears that the prerequisite for membership in all of these places is "slimeballism"!

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