Sunday, 11 February 2018

Undemocratic Tories

Tories frequently claim to be the upholders of the "British" value that is democracy, yet what they are currently doing, and which Andrew Rawnsley omitted to mention in his piece on their most recent crisis, is totally undemocratic (Taking their knives to Mrs May`s toga won`t solve all of the Tories` troubles,04.02.18). It`s not so much that the "Tory party fears that any replacement would likely to be worse", but that an unelected leader would almost certainly be forced to go to the polls, and that would allow democracy to bring in Labour to form a government. Refusing to sack May in case it lets in Corbyn is both undemocratic and morally repugnant!
       Rawnsley was right about May being a "zombie prime minister", bungling the "few opportunities to revive her authority", and using a cabinet reshuffle to suppress the progress of any "future leadership material", but it was her misuse of the honours system which epitomised May`s selfish pursuit of "her own short-term needs". Awarding knighthoods to both the chair and treasurer of the "kingmaking" 1922 Committee, and making its vice-chair a dame, really did reveal that the prime minister is far more concerned about her own position than the state of the party, let alone the country!
 Any decent MPs in the Tory party would be plotting to overthrow May, not because of her lack of "vision" and clarity over Brexit, but because of her abuse of prime ministerial powers. The fact is that, under her leadership, the innumerable crises over health, education and safety not only have increased rather than declined but also show no signs of having been dealt with. This does not seem to bother Tories at all, and that speaks volumes!

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