Friday, 8 November 2013

Hole Clegg digging getting deeper

The news that Clegg has criticised Paxman can be objected to on a number of counts. First, Paxman doesn`t just "sneer at politicians"! Hasn`t Clegg ever seen University Challenge, or his interviews with economists, journalists, business people, teachers, lecturers etc?
       Secondly, why on earth shouldn`t he treat all politicians as "rogues and charlatans"? We are talking about people who break promises ad nauseam, carry out ruthless reforms which have devastating effect on, in particular, the weakest in our society,and which appeared on no manifestos, who continue to claim outrageous amounts in expenses, who lower taxes for the rich whilst cutting disability benefits, who have taken the country into numerous and mostly unnecessary wars, and who behave deplorably at televised PMQs, whilst railing at poor discipline in schools. For someone, who has forsaken all principles for an iota of power, to dare defend politicians takes some nerve, but we are talking about the deputy prime minister, who gave his support to Gove`s examination changes as they will not lead to a two-tier system of education! The same man who, after three years of being in  government, declared it was time to "hardwire fairness" into policies! The hole he has been digging for himself since 2010 gets deeper by the day!

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