Saturday, 9 November 2013

Some possible reasons for disillusionment with politics

Jonathan Freedland is absolutely correct to say that there is a "hunger that cannot be fed by bread alone", and how it "escapes the reach of politics", but it is not enough to put the blame on the post-2008 recession, or on the party straitjackets polticians wear. (Politicians,learn this: people cannot live by bread alone,09/11/13) The truth is that the party front-benches are dominated by people who have not lost touch with "how people actually live", because they never were in touch with it in the first place! Wealthy backgrounds and private education,leading to Oxbridge, followed by internships and research posts at Westminster do not make for politicians with a grasp of reality,let alone real-life experience and subsequent knowledge of our society. The wealth and success of people like Brand and Perry matter not a jot when it comes to winning public support and trust, because their backgrounds have provided them with an understanding of the people, far superior to that of politicians, who rely for information far too much on data-collections and think-tank research. Moreover, they speak, despite Brand`s penchant for long words, in a way which does not, Gove-like, invite disengagement.
       Whilst not all politicians fail in this way, it`s difficult to watch even five minutes of any Wednesday`s Prime Ministers Questions and not feel disgusted with the boorish behaviour on show; men in suits shouting at each other, having to be reprimanded by the Speaker, and threatened with being kept behind, are unlikely to convince the disenchanted electorate that their vote will make a difference. Perhaps Gove`s atrocious behaviour in the House of Commons should be shown in schools, especially those going into "special measures"? On the 13th June last year, the Speaker had to intervene in PMQs to restore order with the words, "I am really worried about the conduct of the Education Secretary. In the average classroom, he would have been excluded by now. He must calm himself". ( Hansard, 13/06/12)

      Hopefully Brand`s Newsnight interview, articles, and appearances at anti-austerity protests will succeed as a wake-up call to all holding power and influence, particularly to the Labour party, as clearly other tactics are not having the desired effect. If Brand succeeds in getting young people interested in achieving a more equal society, he`s cetainly doing better than the party leaders

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