Wednesday, 6 November 2013

In praise of Russell Brand!!

It comes to something when a self-confessed "twerp", "junkie",and "Jack Sparrow" is the one best able to articulate what I suspect is the majority of the population`s frustration with our system of party politics. Hopefully Brand`s Guardian article will succeed as a wake-up call to all holding power and influence, particularly to the Labour party, as clearly other tactics, even demonstrations, strikes and People`s Assemblies have failed.
     So much of what he wrote is irrefutable, and the point about the "toxic belch wafted into our homes by the media" is particularly relevant on the day the BBC televises a programme about "Britain on the fiddle", in the Guardian`s words, exposing those who cause a "criminal drain on resources". No, it`s not about bankers` corruption, or multinationals` refusal to obey our tax laws, or even the scams of the utility companies! Not even about multi-millionaire MPs who claim costs for heating their second homes on expenses, but benefit fraudsters, with, no doubt, more to come on "health tourists" and illegal immigrants! Since when have licence fees financed our nationalised broadcasting company in order for it to become a mouthpiece for the Daily Mail and other right-wing alarmist media?
     In fact the BBC seems intent on doing everything it can to challenge this section of the media`s exaggerated claim that it leans to the left; there has been an almost total absence, recently, of discussion on tax avoidance and evasion, the really "criminal drain" on at least £35 billions worth of our resources per year; no mention of the trillions foisted away in tax havens, but instead, a focus which verges on doting, on anything "royal", another massive "drain" on taxpayers` money. Dimbleby`s rude refusal  of the right of Owen Jones to speak up for the nationalisation of energy companies on Question Time epitomised this right-wing stance. Is it any wonder that the views of a comedian, young, irreverent and rude, have such resonance in a society so subservient to the conservative and rich? Keep on rocking the boat, Russell!

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