Friday, 1 November 2013

Page 34 for Saharan tragedy!

 The fact that the shocking story of the finding of 92 dead bodies in the Sahara desert, so emblematic of the world`s rich-poor divide, was  reported on the Guardian`s page 34, albeit on a whole page, whilst the front page, in true tabloid style, as Steve Bell`s cartoon so graphically showed,was devoted to a "six year affair" between disgraced journalists, is disappointing. Similarly,it was twenty past six before the tragedy featured on Radio 4`s evening news, again with priority given to the Brooks Coulson trial.
What sort of country has Britain become, when our  two most trustworthy sources of information view the desperate plight of people,"almost all women and children", unfortunate enough to be born in a country rated "the worst place in the world to be a mother " by Save the Children, with an indifference verging on the callous? A story so insignificant it seems, it ranks below the "clandestine relationship" of phone hacking editors of newspapers, often correctly described as examples of the "gutter press", with good reason!

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