Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Guardian letter on Lib Dems and Labour

Polly Toynbee is far too lenient on Clegg and his cronies in the Lib Dem party.(Start telling the hard truth, Nick - there is no free lunch,07/10/14) Having sacrificed any liberal principles they might have had at the Downing St altar, and been complicit in everything, as Toynbee admits the most "extreme" government "since the war" has conspired to inflict upon the ordinary and less fortunate people of this country, they deserve neither sympathy nor advice. Totally swallowing the Tory line about how ignoring the deficit would leave the next generation with a mountain of debt, Clegg then allowed the tripling of university fees, ensuring all but the richest students had their own personal Everests! Their duplicity clearly knows no bounds; the fact that they now are reaching out to "soft Tories who are fiscally responsible but do not like any hint of a nasty party" beggars belief. .(Brutalise Tories over tax pledge, Clegg tells Lib Dems,06/10/14) Presumably, they regard such people as the only voters likely to be so daft as to forget that the Tory-dominated coalition government was only able to pass "nasty" legislation because of Lib Dem support. 
    What we are still waiting for is a response from Labour, who still insist on defending a risky lead with seven months to go, instead of providing "something different" which could give them the mandate to transform our socially immobile society. How can working people relying on benefits be expected to tighten their belts further, when their employers are receiving £85bn a year in taxpayers` subsidies? (Cut benefits? Yes, let`s start with our £85bn corporate welfare handout,07/10/14) Even the Lib Dems spotted that the Tory conference had left an "open goal" for their opponents, but the Tories` downright selfishness and cruelty have provided an easy target for years.The real mystery is why Labour doesn`t shoot!

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