Tuesday, 7 October 2014

i letter on NHS funding

The i asked for ideas on the NHS funding problem, so I wrote this, which they printed but edited out details!

The answer to the NHS`s funding problems, with a "£30bn black hole in the health service`s finances", must be clear to all of our politicians.( Medical professionals warn health service is at breaking point,06/10/14) The trouble is that it involves the well-off paying more taxes and none of our political parties and their leaders have the bottle to say so.
 Bearing in mind the fact that average earnings are around £26,000 and that the less fortunate have borne the brunt of the austerity measures, those earning above £80,000 have practically totally escaped the effects of the cuts, designed apparently to reduce the deficit. So an increase in income tax rates is an obvious starter, with a new 45% rate on incomes £80-150K, 50% on those between £150 and 200K, 55% on £200-250K and so on, with  a financial transaction tax for good measure. Even in Thatcher`s time a top rate tax of 60% existed, and recent evidence has suggested that the Laffer curve argument is nonsense. The 7th richest country in the world can afford wars at the drop of a hat, and tax reductions for the rich, so the blame for the NHS`s underfunding has to be politicians` fear of upsetting potential voters and "big business"!

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