Monday, 6 October 2014

Response to Andrew Rawnsley on Labour conference

Whilst it is difficult to disagree with Andrew Rawnsley in most aspects of his Observer article on the Labour party conference, comments like it 'lacked the tingle you'd expect from a party striding confidently towards power', and 'playing like a team with a dodgy 1-0 lead and 20 minutes to go" are somewhat derisory.(Labour is playing like a football team hoping for a dodgy 1-0 win,28/09/14) Has the Labour party introduced any policies, no matter how fair, no matter how moderate, which have not been slated by the press and the Tory hierarchy. Even the private rental proposals, far too lenient on greedy landlords, received the Hugo Chavez comparison!
Now, with Cameron enjoying his 'Falklands moment', are there any reasons for Labour optimism, other than the fact that Conservative domestic policies are so abysmal, Tories fear mentioning them; shrinking the state back to levels last seen in 1948 is not exactly the proposal to win over the wavering voter.Whatever Labour pledges, media criticism will be widespread, which leads many to conclude the policies should be much bolder.
So the 1-0 analogy is misleading, as a much more appropriate comparison would be with Liverpool, having gone 3-0 up, but having 2 players sent off, leaking 2 offside goals, and the match refereed by Alex Ferguson!

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