Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Letter to Guardian re Tristram

In view of the huge gaffe Tristram Hunt made with his idea for all teachers to swear an oath promising to work hard, and of the previous ones he made with regards to supporting Performance Related Pay for teachers and for free schools, the re-licensing of teachers every five years, crossing a university workers` picket line, failing to support teachers with their industrial action, claiming "character and resilience" did not exist in state schools, and replying to reporters` questions on his children`s future schools with "Never rule out what takes place", would it not be sensible for him to attempt to make amends? Resigning would be an option, but he could at least speak out against "the ideological vandalism" which is cutting the funding of universities` PGCE courses.(PGCE course:big cuts expected today,14/10/14) There`s a lot to be done if teachers are to be persuaded to vote for his party, with him as Secretary of State for Education.

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