Thursday, 6 November 2014

Hippies at a heavy metal concert

Sudden interest in the well-being of northerners and stating that Tories have completely changed since 2010, and moved to the right, are indications more of Lib Dem desperation than anything else. So news that Lib Dem Norman Baker has "quit his Home Office role because Tory colleagues had soured things" comes as no surprise, particularly with the general election looming. He apparently said working in the Home Office was similar to being a hippy who`d bought tickets for the wrong concert. Isn`t it funny how the Lib Dem "hippies" were able to endure so many Iron Maiden numbers before realising they were at the wrong gig? In fact, it has taken Norman Baker four and a half years of, in his words, "walking through mud" at the Transport and Home Offices, for him to realise that, perhaps, his wellingtons are, in fact, suitable for a wet Glastonbury, not a Heavy Metal mudfest. "May" might well be his official reason for resigning, but is it not the month next year, rather than the Secretary of State, which has the more relevance?
  Lib Dems, facing meltdown in the election, are suddenly trying to distance themselves from the Tories, but their apparent innocence in all things Cameron simply won`t wash. They are to blame, as much as the Tories, for the imposition of austerity and poverty, the increase in inequality and decrease in social mobility, the huge amount of privatisation and the attacks on the welfare state, not to mention the tax reductions for the rich, the failure to reduce tax avoidance, and of course, the university fees` hike.

 A hippy at a heavy metal concert walks out half way through the first song with his fingers in his years; he doesn`t stay until the first encore, and then expect us to believe he didn`t enjoy it!

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  1. "They are to blame, as much as the Tories, for the imposition of austerity and poverty"...exactly..but then I am beginning to believe that the majority population of England / Wales will swallow any political bilge that the likes of Murdoch's organs / Daily Mail etc will fling at them ..the current political climate is outrageous as it is depressing....@earlythorn