Saturday, 29 November 2014

Klass warfare and Miliband`s advisers

Another week, more lost opportunities for Labour, and yet another situation where defeat is grasped from the jaws of victory! Questions have to be asked about the suitability of Miliband`s advisers.  Instead of there being a "major public postmortem in the wake of the loss of Rochester and Strood" to embarrass the Tories, we have the Labour leader having to affirm his "respect" for the "working people"!
     It started with the Klass debacle and Miliband`s obvious unsettling over one of Labour`s flagship policies. What on earth are the advisers being paid to do, if it`s not to practise and rehearse the Labour leader before he faces the press or television cameras? They should have known with whom Miliband was appearing on the programme, done their research and discovered Myleene Klass was an experienced television "performer", articulate, rich, and, above all, living in London; it does not require a degree in rocket science to guess accurately what might be her favoured topic of discussion!  Perhaps even worse was the eventual response! Is there anyone in the country who thinks that tweeting twelve hours later with the words from a Klass hit song, "Pure and simple", made Miliband appear more prime-ministerial?
     As for the furore over Thornberry`s tweet, there would be no problem with Miliband never having "been so angry", even though potential Labour voters would probably prefer for that sort of reaction to be reserved for callous coalition policies and growing inequality, but going public was always going not only to please an already hostile media, but to deflect attention from a Tory party haemorrhaging MPs to Ukip. Presumably the advisers` private sector education taught them nothing about molehills and mountains?

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  1. Very true ....I despair for Ed M....he's turning out to be completely pathetic....and I voted for him to be leader when I was a LP member. Topping it off for me was his lack of any idea what to do or say in Glasgow before the Referendum. He looked as if he was on a different planet.....I suppose he felt this way too! Shame....Labour must win in Westminster although sill be voting SNP