Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Tristram and the F-word!

So Tristram Hunt wants to re-introduce the "F-word" into the Labour lexicon. On the one hand, the abandonment of his brief, concentrating on increasing social mobility through "early intervention in families to improve children`s lives", rather than education, looks mistaken. Wouldn`t he be better advised to focus on repealing all things Goveist, and changing laws to prevent universities favouring applicants from private schools? Only 7% of pupils attend private schools, yet 50-60% of students at  some universities, especially some Oxbridge colleges, are from the private sector of education!
     On the other hand, this may be the start of a career move by Hunt to show he is the "lionheart " Labour lacks,(or, at least that`s what John Prescott thinks) and that his promotion is vital to the party.  If that is the case, it`s bad news for Labour, but thousands of teachers will be delighted, especially if the magic penny could drop one day for Labour to realise that state school pupils and staff desperately need a Secretary of State who was actually state school educated!


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