Saturday, 29 November 2014

Morning Star letter on Hunt and private schools

The editorial on Tristram Hunt`s feeble attempts to let the electorate know how cool he is with with Labour`s desperate efforts to show 'respect' to the working class was spot-on.(Morning Star,26/11/14)The idea that private schools will sacrifice business rate relief unless they improve their partnerships with state shools by doing such things as helping 'disadvantaged pupils from the state sector navigate the quicksand of university entrance' is again indicative of the fact that Hunt is in the wrong job.
       The so-called 'top' universities are taking 50-60% of their students from private schools, not because state school applicants lack ability or qualifications, but because universities are biased. There is plenty of empirical evidence available showing that state school educated undergraduates perform better than their counterparts from the private sector, but with only 7%  privately educated, the universities still are refusing to give state educated applicants a fair deal. If the latter do not meet the demands of the application process, it`s that procedure which needs changing, and as universities have refused for years to change it, legislation is needed. Hunt should be proposing that a Labour government would pass a law banning any university taking more than 7% of its applicants from the private sector.That really would be proof of a government wanting to give everyone a fair chance, a principle that Labour used to be proud of, equality of opportunity!

Bernie Evans

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