Sunday, 22 February 2015

Arrogant Tories taking us for mugs

Yes, Andrew Rawnsley, the arrogance of the Tories does appear to know no bounds, with their “black and white balls” and attitude towards tax avoidance revealing them as “the champions and cronies of rootless, unpatriotic tycoons”.( If one thing will cost the Tories this election, it is their arrogance,15/02/15) However, arrogance is not the only “thing that will lose this election for the Tories”, as there is another, equally damaging Tory trait, and that is the contempt they have for the electorate. They really do take us for mugs!
 Will the average voter really be so impressed with the Tories` obviously close ties with the obscenely rich, that they will think they are the party well “equipped to run the nation`s finances”, or believe their ludicrous claim that they have shown more determination than any previous administration to reduce tax avoidance? Is the electorate not expected to know that this Tory-led coalition has borrowed £157.5bn in its five years in office, compared with the £142.7bn borrowed by the previous Labour government in its thirteen years, despite all their rhetoric about Labour being the “borrowing party”? Is the voter really so ignorant not to comprehend the significance of jobs being cut by 20% at HMRC by a government which describes avoiding tax as “morally repugnant”? After all, it has recently been shown that for every pound spent by HMRC`s business section, the return is £97!
    Even when  Ken Clarke suggests the need for the Tories to “loosen the hold of rich men on the financial survival” of the party, he actually “feeds into the distrust” of British politics.(Ken Clarke: Tory party must shun wealthy donors to avoid scandal,15/02/15)Voters are expected to trust them and accept the idea of a “donation cap” without being given any reassurance that the former single donor would be unable to rope in his family members to donate on his behalf.
Sadly, the arrogance is not confined to the Tories. The Lib Dems clearly think the electorate should ignore completely its role in passing such laws as the Bedroom tax, and tax cuts for the rich, whilst shadow ministers are obviously not being instructed to have aide-memoires with them when doing important media interviews. As if they would ever forget something important! Why, they even think a pink bus and conversation “around kitchen tables” will win them the female vote!

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