Friday, 13 February 2015

Guardian letter on Community Shops

It is shameful that one of our leading cross-party think tanks, Demos, is so bereft of feelings of fairness that it supports the idea of "food banks converting themselves into Community Shop-type operations".(Could supermarkets for poor people tackle the UK`s chronic food poverty?11/02/15) What an indictment of our society, where in the sixth richest country in the world, giving poor people "the chance to be consumers" by selling them food otherwise destined "to go to landfill" is viewed as worthy.Presumably "low income customers" only deserve the surplus no-one else wants?
      It is to be expected that the right-wing, would-be Tory leader, and Churchill sychophant, Boris Johnson, and his "food policy adviser", Rosie Boycott, "are understood to be fans" of the idea, but far more sensible "practical solutions" would be to increase the minimum wage, so that low-paid workers could survive without relying on benefits, for exhorbitant rents to be reduced, and for the survival of the welfare state to be given top priority, above tax reductions for the rich and such things as Trident renewal. At least  Jack Monroe is not fooled, and sees that campaigns for all to be paid the living wage are much worthier of our support.(These stores are no good if you don`t have any money,11/02/15)

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