Monday, 23 February 2015

Guardian letter about EB sufferer

The G2 article on the epidermolysis bullosa sufferer, Lucy Glennon, should be compulsory reading for all those rich individuals and company CEOs, who think it clever to pay massive fees to accountants rather than paying their fair share of taxes.("You can`t twerk in a wheelchair",18/02/15) Essential reading, too, for politicians who think cutting welfare benefits for people like EB sufferers, who experience so much pain and suffering in their short lives, is the correct way to run the economy of the sixth richest country in the world, at a time when borrowing rates are at an all-time low, quantitative easing can raise £375bn for banks, the minimum wage is so low tax receipts are falling, and when cutting jobs at HMRC increases the likelihood of the tax gap staying at around £40bn a year. "Bullies in power", Lucy wrote, and who can argue?
      How ironic that Lucy should feel so strongly about the "cruelty" of the "work capability assessments" when they are carried out by Atos, a firm renowned both for its tax avoidance and government contracts. Hopefully, the next government will not only possess the compassion the coalition so obviously lacks, but the wherewithal to fund research for a cure for this most cruel of diseases.
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