Saturday, 14 February 2015

Whatever happened to fairness?

How ironic that, at a time when right-wing politicians are suggesting that values such as belief in liberty and democracy are solely "British", our society appears to have lot sight of the principle of fairness. Sadly, the recent banking scandals are not alone in providing the evidence for this judgement. The news of the disgraceful attitude of the Premier League in its rejection  of "calls for clubs to pay the living wage to stadium staff despite their average £50bn windfall" was made much worse when the League`s CEO,Scudamore, justified the action by claiming paying a decent wage was "entirely for the politicians to do, not us". Presumably clubs would still be using slave labour if only those politicians hadn`t passed that silly law back in 1833? Yet the clubs still have the audacity to claim they are delivering "economic benefit to communities"!
        Perhaps, such "obscene" greed is not unexpected in the culture of Premier League football, but when the country`s judges fail to grasp that complaining about salaries at least five or six times the national average for work deemed "rewarding", the element of fairness seems to have vanished completely. Should they not be comparing their pay to those other oft-quoted "rewarding" jobs, teaching and nursing? Saying that becoming a judge was now seen "as a less attractive option" than staying in private practice simply refers to the money, not the responsibility, privilege or position in society.

     Having a government intent on transformation of society might well be one answer, but the forthcoming election, unless I am doing Mr Miliband a huge disservice, doesn`t appear to be one which will provide it!

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