Saturday, 8 April 2017

Beatle songs could save economy!

Yesterday, or perhaps it was the night before, I read Larry Elliott`s article, where he wrote about Project Fear, the Beatles` tribute band, "predicting immediate recession in the event of a Brexit vote" (Brexit may be just the crisis we need to cast off the status quo,01/04/17). He also wrote something about things only getting better when businesses and individuals are forced  to get back "out of their comfort zone" to increase productivity. The word is that it won`t be long before help arrives, because soon government and businesses will come together, and realise the end of the economy running on "worryingly high levels of debt" is essential, and that the "saving ratio", currently 3.3%, has to be increased (Debt fears loom as savings hit record low, 01/04/17). This means more money has to be provided, the minimum wage and savings rates have to rise, and firms have to invest in new technology, or face the wrath of the taxman.

  Ending misery doesn`t require a revolution, but a government working for no one but the rich has to realise there`s a place beyond Austerity-UK, and what goes on there matters!

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