Saturday, 15 April 2017

Morning Star letter on Greening and grammar schools

Greening`s attempts to justify her boss`s vanity project were both implausible and disrespectful (Morning Star,14/04/17). How dare this government deliberately underfund comprehensive schools and make cuts in real pay for their teachers, and spend hundreds of millions on extending grammar schools because, apparently, comprehensive schools are not good enough for the well-off? How dare Greening say that children from "ordinary working families" would no longer have to "just make do" by attending the local comprehensive? Could an Education Secretary ever have been more insulting to a profession which is so hard-working, despite constant criticism? Is it any wonder there is such a huge teacher recruitment problem, something this government refuses to acknowledge, or even care about. 
   Greening also suggested that these new grammars will be prioritising "disadvantaged" children, and those from "ordinary families, so that must mean the number of children attending grammars from prosperous families will be reduced. As if that is going to happen! Tory MPs know where their bread is buttered, and they are not going to create grammars in their constituencies in which there is no room for their voters` children.

 Perhaps Mr Corbyn might like to mention this at the next PMQs?

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