Monday, 17 April 2017

Street-Porter`s lack of understanding re grammar schools

Janet Street-Porter appears incapable of understanding that some people can see the unfairness of grammar schools, even though they actually attended them (Grammars get my support,15/04/17)."Why is Labour so hypocritical", she asks, when the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell, Flynn and Abbott were educated in grammars? How can she "have nothing but praise for a system", which classes around 80% of all eleven year-olds as failures, and which takes hundreds of millions to fund at a time when state schools, catering for children of all abilities, are being starved of cash by the government?
 It beggars belief that Street-Porter can see grammar schools as part of "May`s ambitious plan to create a fairer society", and that the comprehensive system has "damaged thousands of young people". I hope that the people who enjoyed massive success in comprehensives, and who value the work done there by overworked and underpaid teachers, were as disgusted as I was when reading the article.


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