Thursday, 6 April 2017

i letter on the "May doctrine"

Well said, Simon Kelner (Theresa May - so passionate about the wrong things, 0504/17)! If only our increasingly ridiculous prime minister expressed "such passionate disapproval" in Saudi Arabia about its multitude of crimes against humanity, rather than reserving her outrage for the National Trust, and "preached a gospel of reason and consideration", she would at least be attempting to unite our clearly divided country.
 Instead May`s insistence, that her "doctrine" is that everything her government does "is in our British national interest", simply means principles and ethics no longer matter. Presumably. we will continue to sell arms to any country, regardless of how and where they are used, and trade with any murderous dictator.
  Is it not in "our British national interest" to ensure our health and education services are properly funded, workers are paid sufficiently so that children are not brought up in poverty, and food banks are made a thing of the past?


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