Sunday, 30 July 2017

BBC in need of a new pay policy

One does not have to be a Tory politician or a reader of the right-wing press to disagree with the BBC`s sexist and profligate pay policy, and conclude that the corporation "cannot be trusted with the public`s money" (After the pay furore, the BBC now has a chance to be a beacon for fairness, 23.07.17). As Will Hutton says, "dozens of broadcasters would jump into their shoes" given half the chance, and in some cases, a fraction of the pay. To assume hugely popular programmes like Match of the Day, or Wimbledon, would not be watched if there were no "star" presenters or pundits borders on the absurd. It is not difficult, therefore, to disagree also with Peter Preston`s opinion that "constructing any sort of pay structure that makes the remotest sense...can`t be done" (Female channel bosses who have earned top billing,23.07.17).
 A government which apparently accepts a reason for the Brexit vote being "too little being done" to help the "just about managing" should now be capping pay at all public workplaces, including the BBC. Fairness would be ensured with a pay limit for all management and broadcasters set at £250,000, almost ten times the average figure, a figure incidentally inflated by obscene levels at the top. This would have the additional benefit of freeing up revenue to fund a pay rise for production staff, without whom there would be no programmes whatsoever. The new pay policy should be introduced as soon as possible, with the names of those unwilling to agree new contracts immediately made public. Let them risk their careers with their own greed; they will have little sympathy or support!

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