Monday, 3 July 2017

Labour unity needed

"Faux battles", as Emily Thornberry says, are indeed the "last thing" Labour needs, and one has to question, yet again, Chuka Umunna`s motives (Labour urged to focus on toppling Tories rather than the "faux battles" over Brexit, 01/07/17). Why can`t he, like the rest of us, enjoy the fact that the Tories are in a huge mess, lacking direction and leadership, and under fire for the massive damage their failed austerity policies have caused?
 The "botched response" by the government has not been confined to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, with their opening Brexit salvos being ridiculed in Brussels, and their confusion over the public sector wage freeze simply adding to their anguish. Labour tactics until the summer recess should focus on displaying a united front, and capitalising on the government`s disunited one; plenty of opportunities for political gain will come, especially if Labour concentrates on the manifesto`s "there is an alternative to this" message, publicises the need for fairness to be introduced into the government`s proposal to continue to subsidise wealthy landowners, and waits for the inevitable car-crashes whenever Conservative politicians are asked remotely challenging questions in interviews! 

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