Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Not only the Lions "poking the bear": Gove

Again the question of Michael Gove`s planetary habitation has to be asked.
         Not only does he think and publicly state on television that May`s administration is ensuring "secure and stable government", obviously missing altogether the fact that the Tory party is embroiled in divisive debate over state sector pay, he also ignores the point that Britain`s provocative decision to withdraw from European fishing agreements will inevitably lead to international disputes, and even "a rerun of the Cod Wars of the 1970s" (UK plan to withdraw from EU fishing deal "endangers fish stocks", 03/07/17).
 It`s not only the Lions who are"poking the bear"!

An excellent editorial but what a shame it was seventy six days late (At last, Gove gets the right job, 16/06/17). It would have been more appropriate for April Fool`s Day! Still, political satire clearly is not dead. I especially liked the idea that Gove has "experience with boisterous unions", omitting to point out that his ludicrous decisions, always against the advice of experts, were the cause of the unions` annoyance in the first place!

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