Sunday, 16 July 2017

Understanding Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton frequently has expressed his desire to connect with his fans, but his failure to attend Formula One`s London parade displays a strange way of going about it, and one with which few will sympathise (Lewis Hamilton unrepentant for missing Formula 1 event days before home Grand Prix at Silverstone, 13/07/17). Opting to take a "two-day break" in Greece rather than reciprocate what he has called the  "incredible love" he gets from fans, he also chooses to live in Monaco, and actually calls "home" a ranch in Colorado 

    Hamilton says he wants to be "understood", and Wednesday`s booing might suggest that the understanding is increasing. When a multi-millionaire like him makes the decision to avoid paying tax in the country where he grew up, and which provided him the opportunities to develop his skills, he rejects the right to expect any support whatsoever!

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