Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Guardian letter on need for dignitaries to speak out

Rather predictably, following Sir James Munby`s "blood on our hands" outburst, the NHS  "identified a bed" for the suicidal seventeen year old, (Bed found for suicidal girl after judge`s fury, 05/08/17) leaving him to claim, probably correctly, that NHS England would not have acted "as effectively or speedily" without his "outspoken warnings" (Judge`s plea as suicidal teenager is found refuge, 08/08/17). With new  crises being highlighted almost daily, the latest being the closure  of maternity wards, and pregnant women being "pushed from pillar to post", Munby`s example should be followed (Maternity wards closed 400 times as shortage of beds and staff grows, 08/08/17). At a time when the "austerity chickens" are coming home to roost, and Labour protests are not always getting the media attention they deserve, he cannot be the only dignitary to be appalled by the current situation; is it not incumbent upon all judges, archbishops, lords, and even some "celebrities" to make their voices heard. If the "brand" is indeed to be "reinvented", royals also could be doing more than "championing mental-health charities" (The royals, a brand reinvented by the millennial generation, 05/08/17).
    It is not only our MPs who should be feeling embarrassed by the huge inequality and unfairness which has been allowed to pervade society in the fifth richest country in the world!

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