Sunday, 6 August 2017

Observer letter on Rawnsley`s bias

Andrew Rawnsley says that "everyone has lessons to learn from the general election", but conveniently has learned nothing himself about allowing his bias to dominate his writing (The Tzu Rule and other iron laws that always apply - until they don`t, 30.07.17). He couldn`t resist, for example, mentioning the "amnesia" that exists "about the number of howlers" committed by Labour during the campaign, even citing one, but listed none of the Tory "car crashes" caused by Gove`s forgetfulness over immigration, Hammond`s confusion over the funding of HS2, the costing of free breakfasts in primary schools, Fallon`s frequent errors, and, of course, Johnson`s utterings about anything.
  Rawnsley does admit Corbyn was a "more effective performer" than anticipated, 
and rightly says Labour must not be too complacent before the next election. He does, however, omit to mention that the expected "fiery scrutiny" the next manifesto will face can be countered by the addition to already popular fiscal policies of a financial transaction tax The fairness of making those earning over three times the national average pay more tax will have the electoral bonus of increasing the tax bill of financial institutions.
  Also omitted is the political advantage Labour will reap by listing the number of U-turns made to the Conservatives` manifesto since the election, the still hidden details of profligacy regarding HS2 and Crossrail 2 at the expense of the rest of the country, and the truth of the mythological Northern Powerhouse. 
   Rawnsley`s university History course will surely have involved the analysis of primary sources, but the detection of bias still seems to elude him!

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