Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Unpublished i letter on Birrell`s anti-Corbyn rant

What Ian Birrell apparently does not understand is that the millions of us whom he thinks are being "conned" by Jeremy Corbyn actually do not agree with the view that we currently have a "liberal economic concensus that has dominated our nation with such success for decades" (It`s amazing but true - Hammond deserves praise, 31/07/17). Does this "success" include the thousands of food banks in the country, the millions working on zero-hour contracts with little hope of prosperity, and the millions more living in over-priced rental accommodation with no prospects for improvement, those who have seen their "real wages" diminish, graduates with debts of £40,000 plus and aspirations blocked by ever decreasing social mobility, the victims of an unnecessary and callous austerity programme, schools and hospitals facing the future with reduced funding, and so on?
   Birrell`s unjustified scaremongering clearly shows he needs to get out more!


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