Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Osborne: Brexit and ambition

There were many reasons 37% of those eligible to vote did vote to leave the EU , ranging from believing the lies about £350m a week going to the NHS, and getting back control, to anger over immigration, and a desire to return to our "glorious past". George Osborne was heavily involved in bringing about the Brexit result on at least two counts, so when he warns the Tory cabinet that Britain is "not ready to crash out of the EU", and that the EU now has the "upper hand" in the negotiations, one has to be suspicious about his reasons (Brexit: UK "not ready to crash out of EU",George Osborne says, 22/08/17).
   Osborne had instigated the austerity policies which hit the least fortunate hardest, harmed the rich not an iota, and did nothing to decrease the North-South divide, so many voted for Brexit to get back at Tories like him and Cameron. Then, in desperation over the 2015 election polls, Osborne came up with his "Northern powerhouse" idea, something which might attract votes, but which he thought would never be implemented in a coalition government, which at the time was the Tories` best hope. By 2016, voters knew Osborne had lied about it, so when his warnings came about the dire effects on the economy Brexit would cause, no one believed him.

  How typical of this duplicitous Tory to step in again with another warning. Nothing to do with leadership ambitions, surely?

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