Friday, 2 January 2015

Cameron and Cridland`s end-of-year reports

Far too much has been made of Blair`s supposed wisdom on electoral issues in recent days, so much so, in fact, that the media played down two end-of-year reports, from Cameron and the CBI boss, John Cridland. 
      Cameron really does take us all for mugs! His new year message  suggests voters "face a stark choice" between Tory "competence" and "chaos" if they are not elected. His definition of "competence" is rather different from mine, as he seems to think missing targets on the deficit, increasing borrowing whilst ensuring millions of workers earn so little an extra £900m has to be found in tax credits to supplement wages, and having tax receipts £54bn less than Osborne`s prediction, all add up to proficiency! Then there`s the small matter of tax avoidance, still rising to over £35bn a year, with the government`s solution being to reduce the number of inspectors working at HMRC!
Tory desperation is clear for all to see, but pretence at economic expertise is all they can offer, as their main policy of shrinking the state, and taking government expenditure back to levels last seen in the 1930s, is hardly a vote-winner either! Labour, indeed, should be "poised to take Downing Street in a walk next May", especially if they made more of the fact that the Tories invariably carry out the wishes of their chief allies and bankrollers, the CBI.

     Not content with overseeing businesses which refuse to invest the £500bn they possess in the economy, the boss of the CBI now sees fit to inform the country, in his end-of-year message, how to run its education system. As if interference in education from politicians wasn`t bad enough! Hopefully, everyone will remember that his sole aim is to maximise the profits of all the companies he represents, and cares nothing for the general well-being of the people. This explains why he wants to see more trade deals signed in the EU and less "lifestyle regulation such as the working time directive". In other words, bosses should have free rein to exploit their workers, and to increase the length of the working day. With taxpayers now having to find an extra £900m in tax credits to enable the low-paid to survive, what a pity he doesn`t concentrate on emphasising how all companies should be paying at least the living wage to all employees, or ending their tax avoidance policies, currently costing the country at least £40bn a year, or even bosses taking a cut in pay.
   Voters need to be made much more aware of Tory duplicity and the CBI`s intentions for the workers; Blair`s idiotic intervention made this less likely too!

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