Monday, 26 January 2015

Labour should be worried about Syriza`s victory

The media`s reaction to the "clear win for left populist party Syriza" in Greece appears to be that the Greek situation is really a very particular one, and that its situation is unique. They support this claim with the severity of its fiscal crisis and its political history, which includes government corruption. However, many countries in Europe actually do fit the bill, and are suffering from similar "fiscal rectitude", which causes hardship for those least able to defend themselves, and for those least responsible for contributing to the economic crash. The support for Syriza must be partly explained by the fact that all Greeks are "not in it together", and this hardly marks Greece out as being different!

     Britain is only one of a number of European countries where the standard of living of working people has fallen since the economic crisis, where respect for politicians from the traditional parties has declined due to unfair fiscal management and financial chicanery, and where polling suggests increasing support for left-wing solutions. The prevalent opinion in the media seems to be that a Syriza victory could lead to "contagion", with similar success likely for anti-austerity parties in Spain and Portugal. What most commentators ignore, however, is the fact that such a victory could well inspire a major surge to the left in Britain, and Labour leaders should be aware that at the moment, they would not be its beneficiaries!

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