Saturday, 10 January 2015

Yet more duplicity and desperation from Clegg

It seems Lib Dem duplicity knows no bounds. Judging by a recent article for the Independent, "Look beyond the fringe parties, and anchor Britain in the centre ground",07/01/15, Nick Clegg`s  clearly expects us to believe that this country journeyed "from economic ruin to economic recovery" between 2010 and 2015? Tell that to the millions of workers on zero-hours contracts who have to rely on taxpayers` subsidies to pay their exhorbitant rent, and the millions more who have seen their real wages fall year on year. Even more ridiculously, Clegg says that the country not only experienced this so-called "recovery", but did it "whilst sticking together". He really does take us for mugs!
     What exactly are the "shared sacrifices" that the wealthy have made? Paying less income tax, and their companies having to contribute less corporation tax, don`t sound too difficult, especially when the coalition has done next to nothing to quell the unquenchable thirst of the rich for tax avoidance! Clegg even criticises Labour for "more and more borrowing"! As Deputy Prime Minister, he was complicit in the coalition borrowing £157.5bn in the last five years, with billions more on the cards, compared to the £142.7bn borrowed by Labour in its thirteen years in government! Presumably, as mere voters, we aren`t supposed to notice such things?
   He even has the gall to say that only the Lib Dems "can be counted on to defend the values of British liberalism", such as "fairness". Not only did Clegg sacrifice all liberal principles at the altar of political power in his rose-garden deal with Cameron, he seems to have forgotten that it was he who said, with no effect whatsoever, two and a half years into the coalition, that it was "time to hardwire fairness into government policies"!

   The British electorate must not be treated with such disdain by politicians; there has been enough deception and double-dealing since 2010 to last many life-times! 

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