Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Morning Star letter on Labour policies etc

Sadly. it`s not just the "vague policies" which are preventing Labour building up a massive lead over the Tories, architects-in-chief of the most callous and cruel British government in modern times. (Morning Star, 06/01/15) Prevarication and short-sightedness also are playing significant roles. Not having made a decision on tuition fees by now is unforgiveable, not only because the current £9000 is exhorbitant, and leaves graduates with mortgage-size debts that many will fail to repay, but because student votes, and those of young people in general, could well prove crucial in ridding the country of this obnoxious government.
    Similar myopia comes to the fore again with Labour`s reluctance to show boldness over private rents, preferring a cap on future increases to a complete reappraisal of the present situation, with its failure to back the EU`s financial transaction tax, and, of course, with its failure to recognise the electoral potential of pledges on the nationalisation of public utilities.
    As for the recognition of Palestine, the Labour leadership must know that fudging the issue by pointing to the "party`s votes in favour of statehood in a non-binding Commons debate" will not suffice. Even a pledge to enter into immediate diplomatic negotiations on taking office, or to call for new initiatives on the Middle East problems, would at least have the appearance of having a positive policy.
   The election is there to be won, and the Tory nonsense about their "competence" being preferable to Labour`s "chaos" should be easily defeated, but still not having definite strategies on key electoral issues in place by now smacks of carelessness in the extreme!


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