Sunday, 11 January 2015

letter to Observer on the "teacher vote"

As Daniel Boffey rightly observed, the "competition for the teacher vote is hotting up", largely as a result of Nicky Morgan apparently listening to teachers` concerns about workload. (Ofsted inspectors must "stay out of politics",says Labour,04/01/15) This became evident, too, from reading the article by Tristram Hunt.(Let`s give all our schools the freedom they need to thrive,04/01/15) Whilst it did skip the problem outlined in your editorial about the "privileged access children from more affluent backgrounds have to the country`s best state schools", thankfully there were some more welcome omissions, also.(We all want the best for our children; the state must help ensure we get it,04/01/15) Is it possible that Hunt`s recent calls for the regular re-licensing of teachers, the introduction of Performance Related Pay, the infamous oath, and the idiotic idea that only private education provides pupils with "character and resilience" have been dropped, and are not under consideration for inclusion in the Labour manifesto? One can only hope so.
 Shame Hunt failed to mention the need for Gove`s unnecessary assessment reforms to be repealed, or that private schools offering the local comprehensive a few Latin lessons a week is not worthy of a tax rebate, but perhaps, that would be asking too much? He`s still not spending enough time in state schools with teachers; otherwise he would not have failed to miss an opportunity like this, to praise them for their commitment, hard work, superb results and excellent teaching!

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