Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Guardian letter on honours system

It is far from "churlish to suggest a fundamental rethink" of the honours system, especially as Cameron`s nominations reveal the same arrogance which led to his disastrous referendum decision (Time to overhaul an outdated, political and inglorious system, 01/08/16). Your editorial mentions the "inclusion of two businessmen", who also happened to be major donors to the Tory party, but omitted the point that Ian Taylor`s firm, Vitol, hit the headlines two years ago, when news of a £550,000 donation was accompanied by the revelation that Vitol had paid 2.6% global tax on profits of £846m.
  Repugnant enough for the Tories to accept money which should have been paid to the Treasury, but shame on Cameron for honouring tax avoiders. If this isn`t the straw which breaks the already "tarnished" honours system`s back, surely nothing ever will?

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