Friday, 26 August 2016

New Statesman letter on Labour `MPs

The Labour split is clearly serious, but to suggest, as Wes Streeting does, that "the Rubicon has been crossed" is simply scare-mongering rhetoric  (The Labour schism, 19th August,2016). The majority of Labour MPs are now supporting for leader a politician "untainted by the Blair years" and so, presumably, more electable than most, but with left-wing policies very similar to those espoused by Corbyn`s camp;  twelve months ago, such policies were compared to 1983`s "longest suicide note in history", making Corbyn, apparently, unelectable!
      Instead of listening to the opinions of the likes of Mandelson and Tristram Hunt, whose policies have lost two elections, Labour MPs should consider how Corbyn`s policies, such as an education system where all children get access to preschool facilities, and a National Health Service no longer under-funded or facing part-privatisation, can fail to appeal, if explained properly; public ownership of the rail system is not "hard-left", but a sensible economic solution to a problem, caused mostly by an obsession with profits. Labour`s economic competence can be proved with sensible and fair fiscal policies, whilst the Tories` incompetence, and failure to meet any of Osborne`s targets, is an open goal waiting for shots from the entirety of the Labour parliamentary team.
     George Eaton concludes the article by stating how "voters do not like divided parties", but if, following Corbyn`s inevitable victory, Labour MPs refuse to support him and his left-wing agenda, we shall all know where the blame lies.

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