Saturday, 20 August 2016

Verdict on Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn was weak in the EU referendum, and silly to let Theresa May get off so lightly at PMQs, especially when she had just made pledges, to which a Tory PM would never have any intention of adhering. He has, however,  not only stuck to his principles, but also his policies, and by doing so, has revealed the hypocrisy of the Labour MPs who oppose him; they were quick last year to say he was unelectable, because his left-wing agenda was too similar to 1983`s “longest suicide note in history”. Now they support a leadership candidate espousing left-wing policies, which they hope will win the leadership contest, and which they would then presumably drop, if Smith won.

     Corbyn has also exposed how Tory-lite most of the media are, and their wholesale attack on him shows little has changed since the 1980s and their demolition-job on Michael Foot!

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