Friday, 12 August 2016

New Statesman letter with Beatle songs

If there`s a place where you would expect hidden Beatle song titles, it would be in an article by the paperback writer, Hunter Davies(1966 and all that, 29th July, 2016). Don`t ask me why, but this was something he ignored, and for no-one to notice is bizarre. Or so they tell me.
    Why, I`m not sure, but I`ve got a feeling, Hunter, that this was your opportunity to act. Naturally, I will help, but you don`t need me. As if! I fell for that trick yesterday, or was it the night before? Anyway, every little thing helps, so it`s polite to offer my assistance, is it not, a second time? Yes.
    It is, NS readers, your turn to do some searchin`; I would love you to, on your own, or all together, now, because it was 50 years ago, to join in the game. You can`t do that? Oh please!
  Please me, don`t let me down! It doesn`t take any time at all, so let`s come together and celebrate. It`s free. As a bird once said, revolution will only slow down, if you let it.

Be that as it may, but it won`t be long before you know what to do!

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