Sunday, 28 August 2016

May too similar to Disraeli

Already, there are too many similarities, for comfort, between May`s "compassionate conservatism" and the originator of the concept, Disraeli, who infused his administration of 1874-80 with legislation based, supposedly, on "One Nation" Toryism .Non-biased historians quickly saw through Disraeli`s duplicitous attempts to woo working class voters, labeling most of his reforms as "window-dressing", rather than serious legislation designed to make lasting and far-reaching changes. Now we have May`s "voluntary approach, asking manufacturers to reduce sugar levels over time", being all too similar to Disraeli`s permissive reforms, where councils could take necessary action, but only if they could be bothered. Only 10 of the 87 urban areas took any action over slum clearance, for example, following the Artisans Dwellings` Act.
     Unlikely as it is that the food industry will find a Joseph Chamberlain in their midst, May`s "obesity strategy" will have no positive effects whatsoever. Having to resort to 19th century measures for inspiration augurs very badly, and suggests there is plenty more "window-dressing" to come!

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