Friday, 4 November 2016

Labour election victory is possible!

I notice, not only that George Eaton thinks that Labour will "survive the next general election as a united force", because of the "new consensus being forged in the PLP", but also, that he declines to suggest they can win it (Politics, 28th October, 2016). A wise decision, with this unity only based on Trident, Nato, constitutional reform such as PR, and an anti-austerity programme; there have to be more policies which resonate with the young, and with voters flirting with Ukip or the Greens. A detailed proposal to regulate private landlordism, and to ensure fair rents, and decent housing for all, is a must, whilst polls have revealed already the popularity of railway nationalisation. Miliband made horrendous errors, but he was right to focus on energy costs, and if all Labour MPs cannot find common ground in higher taxes for the rich, and tougher legislation on tax avoidance and evasion, one must question their reasons for being in the party in the first place.
     May`s government will inevitably continue to support divisive policies, like the return of grammar schools, whilst there will also be Tory divisions over Brexit, and problems putting the prime minister`s warm words into practice, so plenty for an opposition to unite against. The Labour party`s survival should not be the focus of the PLP, but victory in the next election!


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