Monday, 21 November 2016

May`s all talk and no action

Your editorial suggested that "more than half of academics in Britain`s universities", employed on insecure contracts, have joined the class of workers who are "just about managing" (Work has been transformed. The law needs to keep up,17/11/16).
      How can someone who is forced to supplement his meagre lecturer`s pay with work as a refuse collector, or an academic having to work at three different institutions, be considered to be "managing"? "To do what?" is the obvious next question. As with the "agency workers in warehouses and care assistants" whom you mentioned, they are clearly not managing to live lives of any quality, with no spare cash or time, and yet they are working in the 5th or 6th richest economy in the world.
    We all have heard the rhetoric from May, without any action or firm proposals, and none likely, at least to be effective, in this week`s autumn statement. With so much inequality and simple unfairness, a Tory government is never going to limit top pay, increase minimum wages to decent levels, regulate landlords to force rent reductions, and close all tax loopholes and havens.

    Whether the Guardian likes him or not, Corbyn is our only hope, and must be given support and encouragement by the left-leaning press and the parliamentary Labour party, to enable him to change this most unjust of societies!

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