Wednesday, 30 November 2016

M. Star letter on May`s duplicity

Your editorial rightly criticised  the autumn statement and its failure to help the "just about managing", despite May`s "extravagant claims" (Morning Star,24/11/16). Disappointment also came with the prime minister`s earlier U-turn on co-determination, but May was never going to force businesses to adopt co-determination against their wishes, and certainly never going to enforce a version of the system which would actually make a difference.
      A quick look at some of her other "promises" reveals that May is no less duplicitous than any of her predecessors. She, apparently, was going to be busy "fighting against burning injustice", but tell that to the members of the Orgreave and Justice Campaign!
 Then there`s  May`s ideas on improving education, especially for working class  boys. Well she`s really going to improve their chances by sending most of them to secondary modern schools, whilst the majority of middle class pupils attend grammars!
The autumn statement banned letting fees, but what Hammond didn`t say was that just two months ago the housing minister, Gavin Barwell, claimed such a move was a bad idea, as landlords would pass the extra cost on to their tenants! What was needed was the ban on letting fees to be accompanied by a nationwide rent freeze.
 "The government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the privileged few", May said, but when it was discovered hundreds of firms were not paying their workers the minimum wage,  she adopted that well known policy of failure, naming and shaming.
May also said, "When it comes to taxes, we’ll prioritise not the wealthy", but the rise in the personal allowance has most effect in increasing the net income of those on the upper end of the income scale - not the low earners! So much for her helping the "just about managing"!
      Labour MPs need to rally around Corbyn , and expose this duplicitous government for what it really is -  a government for big business and the rich. Helping the poorest and the "just about managing" is a long way down its list of priorities, despite the rhetoric!

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