Sunday, 13 November 2016

Letter on anti-Corbyn article

Writing as someone coming from "an alienated fringe of the middle class", finding comfort in "belonging in an anti-capitalist protest movement", I found John Gray`s attack on Corbyn particularly malicious (Closing of the liberal mind, 4th November 2016). To suggest that his policies have been "plucked from a blue sky, without any attempt to connect them with earthbound facts" is simply anti-Corbyn propaganda, better suited to the Tory tabloids. Is it not a fact that privately-owned railway companies have been ripping off British taxpayers for too long, not to mention their customers? Nationalisation of the railways is long overdue. Am I wrong in thinking anti-austerity policies are needed because the Tory-initiated austerity programme was simply an excuse to shrink the state back to pre-war levels? Has inequality not increased  partly because of the rich being undertaxed, and the fictional Laffer curve guiding Tory fiscal policy?
     Gray was right to say that Labour`s moderates were "so devoid of new thinking" they only offered "empty slogans that reeked of the past". It makes little sense, therefore, to  attack so spitefully a Labour leader offering policies different from those of both the Tories and his predecessors, based as they are on  fairness and equality of opportunity.


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